Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bent Mesh Heads Update v1.2

Hi everyone, I just made another update for the 4 heads I have out for sale!

This update improves the rigging and shape sliders of the heads and fixes a few misc. bugs. Try them out again at my in world shop!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bento Mesh Heads--Update v1.1

So the other week I released an update to my mesh heads!

 If you've tried the demo before with OMEGA appliers, please try it again, I've fixed some things to make it look even better!

 Available at my shop in world (along with the OMEGA installer):

Or on the Marketplace:

What's new: 
 *5 Basic Skin Tone HUD's are now included, and there is just 1 Head vendor. The Fantasy color skins will be sold in a separate add on applier pack(you can test them all out in the Demo version).

 *Neck Blender options on the HUDS. You can choose from 6 different sizes and also a "white texture" for the neck to tint and blend better with your skins.

 *Omega--now there is a dedicated Omega version of the head. This fixes a few problems that came up with the UV's stretching oddly. Note that ALL mesh parts have omega installed in them, just that the ones labeled "OMEGA" are prefered.

*Heads are now Mod! Yep, that's right! All the mesh parts now come with both copy and mod permissions! So that way you can customize your head even more!

Be warned though, if you're going to mod, make a copy first!! You can break the scripts for the HUDS, even causing them to delete themselves, so mod at your own risk!

Why am I making them mod? --Basically everything I've ever sold in my store has been copy+mod. Because I always want my customers to be able to customize as much as they want, because that's also what I want when I shop for items in Second Life. The biggest draw to SL is that you can build your own worlds and avatars, just how you like them!

*The price has changed to 2k per head to reflect all these changes. Not a big increase, but considering the sheer amount of time I put into this, well I hope it won't deter people away. All existing customers will be getting an update!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Project Bento is now official!

Yay, it's finally released in the official Second Life viewer! 

You can test out my own original mesh heads by demoing them here on the Marketplace or at my Shop In World!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Astrid & Baldur

*LightStar-Hair-Astrid & Baldur

2 new hairstyles, great for fantasy roleplay, available at a 25% discount for the month of December at We LOVE Roleplay!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Expressions pack for *LightStar Mesh Heads

This is a pack of 27 different facial pose expressions that work with *LightStar Mesh Heads.  They are real animation poses that use the new Bento facial bones. 

Bento Mesh Heads Released!

I'm proud to announce I finally have released my own original Mesh Heads! 
 There are 4 to choose from (2 male, 2 female), and they are BENTO enabled. That means there are skeleton bones for the faces so they can have real animations! That also means less lag and lower avatar cost because there are less prims involved!
 You do need to use a Bento Enabled Viewer to use them however. Right now there is an official Release Candidate Viewer located here which you can download:
  10 different skin colors available for purchase: Pale, Peach, Tan, Dark, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Purple
 Each pack comes with:
• A HUD to change your eyebrows, lip color, nose shading, and other different parts of your face or makeup depending on male/female.
• Hair Bases & HUD to change color and hair base style(these color match all *LightStar hair styles)
• An Extra Face Layer along with HUD where you can use color tinted eyebrows, eyelashes, etc.
• Materials for Advanced lighting settings(increase or decrease effect on HUD).
• Non Rigged eyes with HUD to change colors & resize.
• Blink Animation
• Omega Appliers supported!

Currently available at my shop in world:

Zoey & Zach

Newly released and currently availableare these 2 piratey hairstyles! They're long, and have an attached head bandana which is color changeable via a HUD(different solid and colored patterns available!)

Available here on the Marketplace:
Zach Demo
Zoey Demo