Saturday, April 30, 2016


**Now available on the marketplace! Check out the demo here: Or at my shop in world! **

 This is an item I created for Fair Play for the month of May 2016. Part of the proceeds from the sale go to 2 charities! Check out their website here for more info:
 In world here(opens on the 1st!):

Mariposa: A side braid hairstyle style for women with whimsical butterfly hair attachments! The butterflies are a 1 piece rigged mesh attachment, so it easily fits on the hair as soon as you wear it. I've included 6 different color schemes for the Butterflies, and they are mod so you can tint them! The hair comes in 6 different color pack options: Naturals, Vivids, Highlights Naturals, Highlights Vivids, MultiTones Naturals, MultiTones Vivids, and an All colors discount pack!

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