Friday, February 3, 2017

Bento Mesh Heads Update v1.3

Hi all,

I just released a new update! If you have purchased one of these heads you get the update for free! Just drop your Update Rezzer on the ground and it should be delivered to you. Any problems with receiving it just IM me!


 Demos at my shop in world, here:

Or on the Marketplace:




What's New:

 -Newly redesigned HUD! All 5 skin colors, Hair Base, and Extra Layer options are combined into 1 HUD with tabs to switch between the different options.
 -Head, Extra Face, and Hair Base layers have also been combined into linked object.
 -Avatar Complexity Cost is now much lower for all mesh parts.**Note that the demos are still MUCH higher than the full version's complexity cost.
 -More tweaks to rigging. Namely, nose bridge and eyes along with some other minor adjustments.
 -Updated Face textures. More detail around the eyes mostly on the females, along with some makeup updates(added blue eyeshadow). Males now have nicer looking eyebrows and improved shading.
 -Updated Eye textures.
 -Added a HUD button to Apply Body skin for Omega Enabled mesh bodies.
 -Added a HUD button under the Extras tab to apply the default mouth and teeth texture. This is beneficial if you're using an omega skin and the mouth doesn't look so good.
 -Small changes to the default shapes.

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