Thursday, March 2, 2017

Fantasy Skins

Just released are Fantasy Skins to go along with *LightStar Bento Mesh Heads! There is a pack for Female avatars, and one for Males. Omega appliers are also included so you can also try and see if they work on your Omega Enabled Mesh Heads!

What's included:
-6 Skin colors: Light Gray, Gray, Green, Blue, Purple, Dark Blue.
-HUD for *LightStar Mesh Heads with mix and match facial features options(same as basic skin color options that come with a head).
-HUD for Omega enabled Mesh Heads--these only include 2 Face options. 1 With and 1 without eyebrows.
-Appliers for Omega Enabled Mesh Bodies.
-SL default Avatar Skins
-SL default tintable tattoo layer.

**Note that the *LightStar HUD Demo does not work with *LightStar Demo heads, only the full versions! You can however test the Omega HUD included and that will work on the Demo Heads.

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